You’re precious!

We all have a story, a chain of causes and consequences that make us what we are. They also guide us to where we are heading.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to be themselves, just as they are. As an individual and as a valuable and irreplaceable part of the group. Together we are us.

We want to go with you

We want to be part of you. Part of your story and part of your journey to the future.

Our products are timeless, classic but at the same time high quality and durable. They are made for everyday use. Just for you.

Our customers, people like you, show that they are APPROVED and dare to do things in life that others only dream about! They take the first step, the second and the third. They are doing things and taking decisions that take them forward. To get there, whatever their goal may be. We want to be part of your journey.

We demand a lot of our products. Just to make sure that you can concentrate on enjoying them.

When we give our product our own label, it is Approved. It means quality, durability and production chain. We pass on the product we’ve made, approved and for which we are proud of.

You just read our operating principles. It’s not just empty words. It’s a guideline, a method, and carved in stone guide according to which we operate. Because we know what we are talking about. We know our products, their features and know the route they end up with for our customers.

Some of our stories are also our ambassadors: people who present our products. Get to know them and you can also see what we believe: there is no finished mould, but everyone is his/her own self.

We also ask you to be proud of yourself and our products. For instructions on how to participate in our current campaigns, please visit our Competitions page. Participate in and get involved.

Let’s work together to make this a great journey.

Esa Kinnunen
CEO / Founder

Esa is passionate about what he does. Esa does not approach with the intermediate gas but lives to the fullest extent where he leaves for. Esa is Approved.

Erno Räsänen
Chairman of the Board

Erno is an experienced entrepreneur, an enthusiast who recognizes quality with his fingertips. He joined AC because he wanted to be creating clothes, he himself likes.

Tomi Rantala
Creative Director

Tomi Rantala manages AC photography and product design.
Nature photography and canoeing adventures belong to Tom’s hobbies.